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Monday, July 11, 2011

coolest thing I read today: telomeres!

But you can't read it, unless you get the Chronicle on your iPad or on shredded trees. Or wait till Wednesday at 3pm for this link to work.

I wasn't a science guy in college, but I'm not sure why not. (Hint: math.)

This is pretty cool, though. The ends of chromosomes fray with cell reproduction and stress, and when they're gone, you die. (Yikes!)

It's as if the non-coding ends of chromosomes were the fraying fringes of carpets. They absorb the damage and stress of pounding feet, and yet the carpets remain whole, until the fringes are breached.

See why I wasn't a science guy? Still, cool stuff.

More about telomeres here:
Kimball's Biology Pages
Science Daily

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