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Friday, January 7, 2011

reading the Constitution

Having actually done this, I was of several minds when the new Republican majority in Congress decided to spend the public's time doing this in front of cameras. I think Americans should read an annotated copy of constitution, showing and perhaps explaining the amendments. I also think the Tea-Party caucus chose to do it for the purest of motives, short-term political gain.
- From the Government Printing Office
- All text included (without annotation) from 'Lectric Law Library, also other great links
- From Cornell Law, with annotations and web-friendly organization

- From Yale Law, in web-friendly organization, with great links to other founding documents

There's a NY Times editorial from today on it, criticizing the decision to read only the current version, and leaving out the excised portions.

Oh, and happy new year. I finished reading two books, and I'll write something about them soon.

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